There are two different warranties on our edible ink printers:

  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 100 days warranty by paper2eat® (within the 48 contiguous United States only!)

The manufacturer’s warranty might be revoked due to the use of edible ink cartridges and edible ink. paper2eat® is not responsible if this occurs as we are an online shop for cake decorating products and we are not affiliated with the original equipment manufacturers.

The 100 day warranty by paper2eat® gives additional coverage if there should arise any problem with the edible ink printer. This warranty will not be affected by the fact of using edible ink cartridges and edible ink from paper2eat®. However, it can be revoked at the discretion of paper2eat® if edible ink cartridges and/or edible ink refills of other brands have been used with this printer as we cannot guarantee quality and proper functionality of other brands.

During the first year after purchasing an Edible Ink Printer from paper2eat (for U.S. orders within the 48 contiguous United States only), if there is a warranty related problem, please contact paper2eat at sales@paper2eat.com first, as most problems can be remedied by consultation. If the printer is found to be defective upon receipt, another one will be shipped to you at no charge. After the warranty period for your printer has expired, you are responsible for any repairs. Please contact paper2eat first to see if the problem can be resolved by consultation (please see our return policy).

paper2eat does not service printers at its location. If you require assistance, please call 954-607-7743, as most problems can be resolved by phone.

paper2eat only warranties (including servicing and replacement during the warranty period) printers that are sold in the contiguous United States. Printers sold to customers outside of the contiguous United States cannot be serviced or replaced after normal use. paper2eat will gladly assist in troubleshooting by telephone or e-mail. If the printer is damaged during shipping, paper2eat will make a claim with the shipping carrier, and a new printer will be sent out.

Important: NEVER use standard inks with your edible ink printer, otherwise you can contaminate the edible products. Edible ink printers from paper2eat® are sold only with edible ink cartridges and ready for edible printing.


No warranty on edible products. Edible products which have been delivered damaged can be returned. Please see our return policy.